How to Request for Samples

Since we are an online shop, we understand that some would prefer to see the actual items prior to ordering. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to meet with everyone to show each product in person. Instead, we can do our best to send over samples of the items you might be interested in for viewing, before proceeding. If you’re interested, just follow the steps below.

Sample Inquiry

Visit our shop to see what items you’re interested in, and do similarly as with requesting a quotation. In the page where you’ll be asked for your contact details, simply add a note saying you will be needing to see samples for the products. 

Alternatively, you may also send us an email at, with the following information:

  • Company Details
  • Item Details
  • Delivery/Pick-up
Sample request

Sample Proposal

Our Sales Team will reply with a sample proposal for your review, including the list of items you wish to view and their equivalent deposits.

Note: Samples are generic, ready-made items. They will not have printing as this will require additional materials and labor.

Please do understand that we do require deposits for samples, to encourage returns. Trust that we will return the deposit amount once the items have been given back in good condition. For your kind cooperation.

Sample proposal

Proposal Approval

To proceed with the sample request, please do send us a formal approval via email to

Our warehouse will then process accordingly. Kindly give 1-3 days for sample preparation.

Proposal Approval

Sample Deposit

While we prepare the samples for you, kindly deposit the said amount to our bank account and send us a copy of the proof of payment. Bank details will be provided upon approval of the proposal.

Note: If you are planning to have the items picked up from our office, you may opt to have the deposit made in cash instead. Kindly just give the amount upon pick-up.

Sample Deposit

Delivery/Pick-up Schedule

Once samples are prepared, they may be transferred in several ways:

For rush samples/out-of-coverage areas, items may be picked up in the office or sent via courier. Kindly cover for fees in case of courier.

For those within our regular routes, we may drop off items in your office as well. There will be no extra fees for this option, kindly just await feedback on schedules.

Delivery Sched

How to Return Samples

If you wish to return the samples, please let our team know so that we may prepare accordingly. Deposits will be returned once items have been given in good condition.

Approved Projects

If the project was approved, kindly return the samples when the order is delivered. We will give the amount in cash upon return of the items.

Canceled Projects

If the project was canceled, kindly drop off the items in our office. We will give the amount in cash upon return of the items. You may also opt to send them via courier, kindly just cover for fees and provide us with bank details for the reimbursement.

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