How to Use the Quote Cart

Much like other online shopping carts, our quote cart functions in the same way. It collects the items that you're interested in purchasing, proceeds to ask for your contact details, and then sends the request our way to process. The only difference is that this cart simply allows you to request for a quotation, instead of making a final purchase.

Visit our Shop

Visit our shop to see what items you’re interested in. Once you see something you like, click on the item to go to its page.


On the product page: select the color, print, quantity, and other required details. A more specific price should appear once selected.

Add to Quote Cart

Click “Add to Quote” below, if you wish to have a formal quote for the item. All the items added will be included in your Quote Cart, which you can access on the right sidebar, header, or footer.

Submit Quote Request

Once you have all your items, visit your cart to check or proceed to “Submit” the quote request. You’ll be redirected to a page for your contact details.

Simply fill it up, accept the terms (don't worry, no commitments yet), and click "Request Formal Quote."

Request Sent!

Yay! You have successfully sent your request for a quotation. Please do just wait 1-2 days for our Sales Team to get back to you via our email.

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