How to Confirm Orders

Whether you’re set to order your giveaways or simply want a quote first to check, the process is the same. Simply follow the steps below to begin.

Visit our Shop

Visit our shop to see what items you’re interested in and use our Quote Cart to submit your request.

For custom items, you may also send us an email with the following information:

  • Company/Contact Details
  • Item Specifications
  • Printing Information
Visit our Shop

Proposal or Quotation

For inquiries in the canvassing stage (i.e. multiple items/quantities), our Sales Team will send over a proposal for review. Once the order details are final, please let us know the specifics for the project so that we may create a formal quotation.

For inquiries which have complete details, our Sales Team will send over a formal quotation for review. Kindly give our Team a day or two to respond to your requests.

Proposal & Quote

Quotation Approval

To proceed with the project, kindly reply to with a formal approval using either a signed quotation or a formal company purchase order.


Down Payment

Once the order is approved, our Sales Team will provide the bank details for the 50% down payment. Kindly send a copy of the proof of payment for our documentation.

Another option would be to settle the balance in our Sales Office at 134 Dr. Alejos Street, Quezon City.

Down Payment

Confirmed Order

Yay! You've successfully placed your order. Our Team will now process and keep you posted. 

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